Pooch Patrol Pets

Our goal at Pooch Patrol is to keep your pets on a schedule they are used to while allowing our clients peace of mind while they are away. 

Pet sitting

This service includes, but not limited to, the overall care of your pets.
Administering medicine
Bathroom break or walk
Visiting or playing
Mail, Package, Paper Pickup
Checking the house
(pet accidents)
Alternate lights
Water indoor/outdoor plants
Security check of home
(leaks, A/C problems etc.)
And of course, TREATS!

House sitting
No pets
Security check of home
Water indoor/outdoor plants
Alternate lights
Mail, Package, Paper Pickup

Midday potty breaks
Many of our clients utilize our midday service.  This is for clients who work long hours or have pets that may have a medicial issue.  Its also great for clients with new puppies as well.
A midday visit is generally between the hours of 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.
Per your instructions will either let them out back or take them for a walk.
Fresh water and a treat.

We offer a 12 hour overnight visit.  The hours normally are 8pm - 8am.
Please check for availability.

Emergency Services
For established clients where we have your information and key on file, we are able to offer service for those unexpected and last minute trips.
If you have locked yourself out of your house you can call us for help as well.