Pooch Patrol Pets

Meet Our Sitters

Here at Pooch Patrol we love our pet sitters and know you and your pets will too!

What sets us apart from other services is our team.  Teamwork is likely to achieve greater results than individuals working on their own.  A supervisor is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  As a client you can rest assured that anytime, day or night, weekend or Holiday, our team of professionals is there to take care of your smallest family members.  As a Pooch Patrol Sitter they know that with one phone call they can get advice or an extra pair of hands immediately.

Pooch Patrol Sitters are all Bonded and Insured thru PSI (Pet Sitters International) and have also had a extensive background check before becoming a member of our team.  We are also a member of the Houston Better Business Bureau and proud to say we have an A+ rating.

Our team of more than 15 pet sitters allows coverage throughout most of Fort Bend County.  Once you have met with and have been assigned a sitter, typically a sitter that lives closest to you, you will have that same sitter for any future pet care needs.  You will be notified if another pet sitter needs to fill in and you will have the opportunity to meet that sitter as well. 

Many of our sitters have been certified in CPR and carry other certifications as well.  We also like to keep our sitters on a long term basis providing you consistency and the best possible care.

Here at Pooch Patrol we understand that sometimes a sitter and a client or clients pets just don't see eye to eye.  Please let us know and we can arrange for you to get to know another sitter that just may be the perfect fit.

My main bio is on the first page of this website.  I wear many hats here at Pooch Patrol which include, well everything! The only negative to running your own petsitting service is when you become as big as we have you just can't do it all.  I have had to turn over many of my favorite jobs and miss seeing all of my furry friends.  I do fill in quite often though and thats the best part because alot of these pets are real characters and they are pure entertainment sometimes.  The biggest challenge is finding competent and pet friendly pet sitters to become a part of our team.  I take this part of my job very seriously as I am a homeowner and pet owner as well. 


Meet Nick, dogs love him!  Nick is a graduate of A&M University.  While looking for employment Nick does many midday jobs for Pooch Patrol.  Whether it's a quick potty break or a walk around the block Nick is your guy!

Sarah started off as one of Pooch Patrol's clients.  She has 2 dogs and a cat of her own.  Customers love her clever notes she leaves after a job is done.  Sarah covers many homes in the First Colony area.

Kathy moved to Sugar Land, from the Bahamas when her husband had a job transfer.  While in the Bahamas she rescued many pets off the streets and volunteered at the local animal shelter.  She also had several clients she pet sat for.  Kathy loves all kinds of pets and is excited to have the same opportunity to care for pets after moving back to the states.  Kathy currently has one Cornish Rex named Romeo. 



My name is Deidre but most people call me Dee.  I moved to Houston in 1995 and then to Sugar Land in 1999 when we moved to Greatwood.  In 2010 my life changed and I moved to Rivers Run in Richmond.  I was a very happy client of Pooch Patrol.  Lori took care of my Max, a Pomeranian, Stormie our chow and Buger my very stubborn cat.  I later worked for Pooch Patrol as a pet sitter and loved it!  I think my favorite part of petsitting is getting to know your babies and playing with them.  Like People, each pet is unique in their personalities and the way the expect to be treated.  I have two beautiful and lovable children who are my life.  I look foward to hopefully getting to help you take care of your special family members.

Hi, my name is Mary and I am married with 3 children.  I am the proud owner of two dogs, a pacman frog, a bearded dragon and a nanday conure.  All of my pets are rescues.  As a child I was always bringing home a stray or wild something or other.  I still have a min pin whom I rescued about 12 years ago and he is still with me today going strong at 18.  My Chihuahua, Maxwell, just turned one.  I have loved animals all of my life and have taken care of everything from fish to anoles to pythons to a rare blue lobster!  I worked at Petco as a groomer 10 years ago and have just recently earned my certificate with Penn Foster for dog grooming.  My pacman frog, Hannah was a rescue from the Houston ASPCA and will on an episode of Animal Cops Houston.  The episode is called "PACMANIA".  I love all animals and am overjoyed to have this opportunity to meet and work with you and your pets.  Thank you so much to all of you pet owners out their that make this opportunity available to people like me.

Steinbeck wrote a book called “Travels with Charlie” and I’ve often dreamed of traveling the nation by road with my dog discovering new places and people and writing about our adventures. Formerly, I adopted three Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) from Borzoi Rescue of Northern California.  When my job allowed me to work from a home office, I purchased my first Borzoi puppy, Willow, and learned the ropes of socializing a puppy and becoming an even better pet citizen.  A recent import from California, both Willow and I are adjusting to our first humid Houston summer and mosquitos with the sucking power of an off shore oil rig.  I’m looking forward to treating your pets with the same compassion as mine.